Who: Lisa and Peter Wyatt (Adventurous and fun-loving travelers from San Francisco, California…currently living in Sydney, Australia)

What: “What?!” The question I asked Peter when he told me he had a job opportunity across the world.

When: Fall (Their spring) 2012.  We will be living abroad and hoping to take advantage of all the South Pacific and Asia has to offer.

Where: Peter’s job is located in Downtown Sydney, known as the the CBD (Central Business District). Our apartment is located in Surry Hills, a trendy shopping and dining neighborhood just south of the CBD. Family and Friends: Come visit us!  We have a guest bedroom! See dates on the sidebar.

Why: Why not!?  If any, this is the time to make a move…no kids, mortgage, responsibilities.  A sense of curiosity for other cultures and world regions is something we both share.  We hope this Blog can be a fun connection to our family and friends back in the US.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love this! Thanks for taking the time to give us a peek at life in Australia. Keep it up. We’ll sure miss you guys for Thanksgiving.

  2. What a great opportunity- I am jealous. You are right this is the time for you to travel- Have a great time and let us know all about life there.

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