The World Is My Oyster

When I travel I find that I am the best possible version of myself.  I’m much more adventurous, outgoing, open minded and organized than I am in daily life. Take the oyster omelette for example. I love oysters and I love omelettes, but I would never, ever, think of eating the two together. In Singapore I read that if I go to the Newton Circus Hawker Center I would have to try the oyster omelette. Being my adventurous travel self I thought sure, why not order a seafood/egg dish from a stall with a C rating. The end result was me standing in an inch of water…in a Muslim style toilet (no TP but a hose device)…with no flushing system…in a Malaysian shopping center…praying for death.

Now it is easy to blame the omelette, but it could have been anything. After my 24 hours from hell I could have packed up and gone home. I could have said, “I am giving up traveling, why should I put myself in that situation again?” But no, I keep coming back for more! I have found that the more harrowing the situation, the better the story. I’ll never forget getting tear-gassed on our honeymoon in Greece or getting chased out of a pool in Zambia by an angry elephant. While scary at the time, these experiences have helped me to bring a bit of my travel self into my real life self. Anyone that knows me well can attest to my occasional freak-outs and my proclivity to follow the rules no matter what. Through travel I have learned to lighten up and eat the proverbial oyster omelette.

The Oyster Omelette

The Oyster Omelette

Newton Circus Hawker Center

Newton Circus Hawker Center


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