The After

So much has changed after returning from the holidays. Our apartment is finally looking like a home, we have made some wonderful new friends and we are gearing up for our first batch of visitors. Life is good. On the other hand, looking for a job has become a full time job. Due to education layoffs in California, I have been applying and interviewing for jobs every summer for the past 5 years. It’s exhausting. Luckily we have a lot of fun distractions. Now if only we could wrap everything up with the insurance claims from our furniture damaged in our move.

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Toy Story 2:

Yes, that’s the name of our intramural soccer team. I have no idea why our how that name was picked. A few weeks ago a group of Peter’s coworkers decided to join a league. Due to the interest of so many people, two teams were created, Toy Story 1 and 2. It is an accepted fact that I am on the team that, let’s just say, is not as good. However, when TS 1 & 2 faced off we brought it. Everyone our team compensated by being scrappy and down right physical. We won by 1 goal! The other team’s true colors we revealed after the game. The losers were supposed to buy drinks for the winning team at the local pub. Unfortunately, only two of them showed up…so much for friendly competition! Anyways, we had a ball celebrating our small victory. The highlight of he night was the self service grill at the pub. Step one: pick your meat. Step two: cook it. Step three: eat it. Quite simple.

photo (46)

Turning Up the Heat:

In other meat related news, Peter bought a grill. After living in San Francisco with no outdoor space, this is such a treat.   He has been cooking some up some tasty meals including carne asada for a group of friends. We went to Bunnings (the Aussie Home Depot) and checked out some options. What we ended up with was a HUGE barbecue.  We will definitely have to stay put in our apartment for a while as the thought of moving that thing scares me.

photo (41)

The Party’s Over:

When I started this post I was unemployed. I have had a crazy couple of weeks (one if the reasons why I have been behind on posts). Now that the chaos has ebbed, I am happy to report that I have a job. Peter I think is the most happy…I don’t think he was buying the whole lady of leisure concept. Work starts next week at a Sydney university; definitely a little nervous. I am looking forward to starting a new adventure and gaining experience at the college level.



One thought on “The After

  1. You go Lisa! Congrats on the job. You’re building quite the impressive resume! I totally cracked up at the Toy Story name for your team. Love reading about all your adventures 🙂

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